Lost/Stolen Cards

Report Lost or Stolen MasterCards — Phone: 1-800-LOST111 or 1-800-561-7849.

Report Lost or Stolen MEMBER CARD debit cards- Phone: 1-306-278-2181 (call collect)


If You Plan on Travelling

Let us know!  It's as simple as telling us where and when you are travelling to prevent potential card blockage.

Fraud Detection Management monitors all accounts and alerts us of any unusual transactions made with your card(s).  Unusual or suspicious transactions can include those that are large amounts, made out of country or high frequecy use.  This may result in your card being blocked for security reasons.

To prevent this from happening to you, let us know about your travel plans:

Porcupine Credit Union - 1-306-278-2181 (call us collect)

It is also a good idea to notify your credit card company for the same reasons:

MasterCard - 1-800-561-7849 or call the number on the back of your card.


Advice to Protect Yourself from Fraud

  • Notify the Porcupine Credit Union at 306-278-2181 (collect) and your credit card company before you travel.
  • When using your card be sure to protect your PIN by shielding it with your body or hand.
  • Make plans to have alternate forms of payment should fraud occur (including cash and traveller's cheques).
  • Change your PIN on your MEMBER CARD® debit, Global Payment and credit cards when you return home, this can usually be done at an ATM or at a Canadian credit union.
  • Review your statements and report unauthorized transactions to the credit union immediately.


Tips to Avoid Card Skimming

When using your MEMBER CARD debit card or Global Payment MasterCard:

  • Use your chip card insert (if you have one) to avoid unnecessarily swiping the card.
  • Protect your PIN by shielding it with your body or hand.
  • Keep your card within your sight during all transactions.
  • Check your receipts to ensure the correct amount, date and time.
  • Review your statement and report unauthorized transactions to your credit union immediately.

Avoid using point of sale terminals that show signs of potential tampering:

  • A "Press Hard" sticky note.
  • Security seal(s) punctured, creased/folded, or cut.
  • Wires visible through the ventiliation slot.
  • Casing has bulging back, cracks/gaps, or broken line port(s).
  • Casing fastened with new screws rather than permanent rivets or concealed fasteners.

Avoid using ATMs showing signs of potential tampering:

  • Card entry slot appears newer or older than the rest of the ATM.
  • Awkwardly placed objects that obstruct access to the PIN pad or display screen, such as a poorly placed pamphlet holder.
  • Single ATM situation beside other ATMs displaying 'out of order' signaage.
  • Be suspicious of any individual loitering in an ATM lobby offering 'assitance' with PIN entry


 Always cancel any transactions if you feel you are using a suspicious ATM or merchant terminal.  Report any suspicions of tampered equipment or if you suspect your card or PIN may have been skimmed and have your card cancelled immediately by contacting your credit union.



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