About Us

Porcupine Credit Union

Vision, Mission, Values




Working together to provide excellence in financial services

For the betterment of our community




We are dedicated to the cooperative philosophy by providing an

economic and social benefit to our members and their communities


We are pro-active in the provision of products and services supporting

our existing and potential members’ needs


We will ensure these products and services are delivered with the

Highest standards of excellence, integrity and professionalism

Viability and growth are sustained through financial responsibility




Members/non-members are the driving force;

We all work for those who deal with us


Our credit union is committed to providing a broad range

 of affordable and competitively priced products and services

to meet each member’s individual financial requirements


People are our Strength


Our Credit Union fosters personal growth and development


Sound fiscal management practices


We are a financially sound organization in order

to remain a viable financial institution


A positive presence in the community


Our decisions have a significant impact on the

strength of our community

We take a leadership role in promoting

social and economic community development


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